Finding happiness

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life”


We often tend to try to adjust to people around us from different backgrounds and our different surroundings because we are not ready to be our own self, to show that we are who we are. And then later in the evening when we’re with our own people we tend to come back to who we are because we know they loves us and will love us no matter what, however we maybe that is, our own self. I think that’s our own little piece of happiness.

We sometimes pretend to like some things because everybody likes it. We don’t wanna be called a different species for liking something different that is out of this world.

No! Let it be! Let people say you’re different, only then you’ll know what you are, unlike the many pretentious people around you. Hey, it’s normal! Everybody is different and has different tastes and likes. You are not living your own life if you’re trying to fit in. Be different, your own kind of different.

Don’t seek for the job that your friends are in, just because they seem happy. You might not be happy with that job, maybe another job is waiting for you where you will find happiness in there. Don’t go for that hairstyle that your classmate has, just because she looks good and happy. You don’t have to have that same hairstyle to make her jealous, but do it because it makes you feel good and happy. Don’t buy that latest expensive car just because you saw your neighbors happy buying it. They must have worked hard to purchase that car. It is never easy to get things we want without sweat.

Don’t just try to seek happiness in that job because people are telling you to. It’s your life. Either you try to find happiness doing it or leave it. Everybody has their own place or time for happiness.

Bored with life? Not finding happiness? Go pack your luggage and travel if that’s what what makes you happy. Go shopping if that’s what makes you happy. Don’t listen to people because some people will always say bullshit things that will discourage you. Listen to yourself, your inner self. Ask yourself what is happiness, what is the real meaning of happiness. Happiness doesn’t only have one meaning. It has lots and lots of meanings from different perspectives and experiences. Find your own meaning of happiness.


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